Atroks Mortendale

Unkempt Halfling Barbarian


Atroks stands just over a meter tall, and weighs in around 50 pounds. His hair, though relatively short is matted and untamed with a reddish tinge. The childlike countenance that his race is known for is belied by his stern predatory gaze as well as his blunt and curt demeanor. Though small in stature he is often afforded a wide berth by those familiar with the barbarian. Somewhat due to the aforementioned churlishness, but additionally because of his appearance. He wears little clothes outside of crude unadorned furs, with the exception of a well-worn cloak his tribe gifted him years ago. The sparse coverings reveal a physique of gnarled oak, often decorated in elaborate symbols and patterns whose color changes with the available berries and other natural dyes.

Lastly Atroks is nearly always armed to the teeth. On his back, rising above his head and shoulders, four lengthy javelins are ready to be thrown. On each hip rests a sharpened handaxe. Additionally, when not in hand, a battleaxe with a gleaming edge sits against his right thigh; it’s handle trailing behind him. Finally a wooden shield hangs from the pack on his back, large for him, it has the teeth of various wild animals worked into the perimeter

Atroks Mortendale

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